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Why You Shouldn’t Delegate!


Why You Shouldn’t Delegate

Don't Delegate

I often hear that to be successful we need to delegate routine tasks and then focus our attention on the tasks that only we can do. 

It’s hard to argue against this. It seems perfectly logical.

But … earlier today I read an email from someone I greatly respect.

They said, ” I caught myself this week doing something I really should have delegated to someone else.

Not only was this tying up my valuable time when I could be doing something only I can do; the person who should have done it would have done a better job, and quite possibly in half the time!” 

Again that seems logical and hard to dispute …. if only it wasn’t sooo wrong.

Why wrong! 


The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Delegate

I found myself reflecting on another situation I’d found myself in earlier in the day. I’d been checking out the enquiry processes a client used. They had so much right. They had a hybrid bot taking enquiries and handing them off to a human to answer. Perfect! 

No! Far from perfect because the client relied on the process working. Half the process was broken … and it wasn’t the bot! 

The human element didn’t work at all well. They had failed to consider customer service basics, didn’t understand what the bot was capable of doing .. and what it was totally incapable of doing.

But the real problem was the manager. Because they had passed the whole job onto a  someone at a lower level they didn’t understand any of the above either. But worse, they hadn’t checked the process on a regular basis. 

I’m not suggesting they check it every day .. although more of that later. But you ought to understand every process at a level whereby you can tell if it is functioning as well as it might and that the staff are doing a good job. 

This is the reason I learnt to advertise on social media, build websites and use bots. I’m pretty good at these things but in no way would I say I’m an expert at any of these things. But my level of knowledge is sufficient to know how they work, if they are working well, and good enough to read about and understand any improvements or new uses of them. I’m never going to build websites as a full time job .. but I can specify a website with the precision that proficient web designers prefer to work to. 

If I’d delegated all these tasks from day one my knowledge level would be zero. 

That’s not to say you should never delegate. Once you have the required level of knowledge it makes perfect sense to delegate to the expert or level of person that can do the work most cost effectively. 


Why You Shouldn’t Delegate is Rubbish – The Reason Why Regular Checking is Sometimes Necessary

I previously mentioned the hybrid bot my client was using. It is a superb piece of communications software that i check every few minutes. And NO that isn’t time consuming. Each time a member of the public uses it I get both an email warning and/or a popup on my PC. It means I can quickly see what people are asking and keep in touch with problems without having to answer myself. Of course this can be a distraction but turning off the screen warning is just a mouse click away if i want to have a “quiet” morning. 

The thing is a few days ago I had a warning that the shopping cart wasn’t working. It took customer services several hour to get to the question posed by which time I’d already sorted out the problem. 

Leaving everything to someone else is a poor policy. Doing everything yourself is also a bad strategy. It takes wisdom to get this right .. but get it right we must. 

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