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How to Nudge Prospects to Buy

Try Nudging Buyers and Prospects in the Right Direction. It Can Increase Compliance Rates.

Nudging even works where people haven’t paid their taxes.

Letters sent to non payers have been shown to be much more effective when the non-payer is told that the money is vital to the NHS and other public services.  The letter about roads, schools and the NHS apparently had the best effect. 

Overall the tweaked letters now sent to tax dodgers have increased payments by 17%. 


Switching Energy Suppliers

We all get letters from energy companies ….. usually bills.

Where these letters contain the words …. “Many people save up to £200 on their energy bills by switching tariff.” …. switching increased by 20%.  And the cost was almost nil as 8 million letters were being sent anyway. 


Business Nudging

So if this works for government how might you nudge people to do what you want? 

I’ve only had one bad debt in 13 years. I put it down to the fact I add my T&Cs in all quotes and on my invoices plus I send invoices out quickly. But equally as important I mention my T&Cs to al clients and say how as a small business this is important to me and keeps my prices down. 

Sending invoices out quickly shows how important his is to me and helps nudge people in the right direction.

If you ever go to McDonald’s and hear those words .. Do you want fries with that? … you’ve been nudged with an up sell. 10% take the fires and McDonalds make millions worldwide each year from this simple nudge. 

The PS you add on a letter is a form of nudging that also works very well. 


There are hundreds of nudge opportunities available. Using them could make you serious money


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