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What are the Public’s Key Concerns When Eating Out .. and in Retail Purchases?

Food Provenance is Important to Customers and DinersWhen Customers Buy a Product or Service There Are Always Key Issues That Concern Them.  It Happens in Every Business & Here’s an Example From Eating Out 


People always want value, but perhaps surprisingly they will pay high prices if they believe they are getting value. A lot of towns  visit have a mixed economy with some areas of deprivation. Often nearby areas are more prosperous and there is a need to target these prosperous areas with marketing. 


Gross disposable household income is much higher in the South in the north as can be evidenced by ONS data in the UK.

But today people want more than value. Today people also value provenance, local produce etc. Interestingly when I mystery shop restaurants I often find staff can not answer questions about provenance. It’s an area where many businesses can do better at and can be delivered during the pre-service briefing.

In other businesses similar concerns are voiced by customers. A typical fashion retailer might get asked where the clothing is produced and about sweat shop monitoring. Staff needs to be told so they can pass it on to customers. 


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