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41 Ways on How to Market A Pub, Bar or Wine Bar in 2019

How to Promote Your Pub, Bar or Wine BarHow to market a bar

  1. A great location helps .. but if you don’t have the best location you just need to work harder on the rest of this list
  2. Get out into the street and other public places and offer free samples (parks at lunchtimes are great)
  3. Get your suppliers to promote you in their newsletters and outlets
  4. Have a great website with plenty of content
  5. Use social media in conjunction with your website 
  6. Facebook groups are great for pubs and wine bars  .. create a buzz
  7. Get customers to bring friends .. offer an incentive to them and the new customers
  8. Video events, testimonials and offers .. people love video and it works well on social media – most smartphones have a good video camera
  9. Profile your customer base and treat each group appropriately (differently?) Different offers etc
  10. Focus on the top 10-20% of your customers The top 20% are probably responsible for the biggest slice of income
  11. Run joint ventures with other businesses – host a networking club or run a fashion show with a dress shop
  12. Serve very good food .. there’s high profit in food if you get it right
  13. Get a story in the local media .. anything from local produce and new wines to stories about your premises history .. get seen and talked about
  14. Get stories in the trade press
  15. Kerb appeal sells pubs and wine bars .. colourful gardens or hanging baskets attract attention
  16. Ensure your decor is spotless and premises are clean .. people notice (especially the toilets)
  17. Get listed in directories 
  18. Start a professional group (or join one) on LinkedIn or Twitter and get the industry noticing you
  19. Clear any rubbish from your car park .. paint new white lines .. it gets you noticed
  20. Add new content to your website or blog. Offers, recipes and interesting stories all make readable content
  21. Give positive responses on TripAdvisor, TopTable etc. Don’t ever make excuses but show you care
  22. Call or email yesterdays customers and thank them for their business
  23. Offer a “free drink next time” to everyone that checks in on Facebook on a given day .. or everyday .. it will be seen by huge numbers of people 
  24. Celebrate things like St Patrick’s Day with an event and offers .. ditto national holidays, Queens birthday,  .. anything to attract customers
  25. Provide live music
  26. Provide free wifi .. and a phone free zone as well  
  27. Get on Google Local .. then you also show up on some SatNavs and phones 
  28. Get five star ratings on Google My Business 
  29. Encourage staff to upsell 
  30. Invite a mystery shopper and see what customer service is like from the other side of the counter
  31. Promote specific drinks or menu items
  32. Get suppliers to sponsor specific promotions 
  33. Invite magazines to review your offer and menu 
  34. Collect business cards .. monthly draw but give everyone a special offer if they return 
  35. Get a council Brown Tourist Sign direction sign to your premises
  36. Install a customer suggestion box
  37. Put your cards/brochures in local B&Bs and on noticeboards on local canals
  38. Ditto local hotels with no evening dinner service .. pay a commission if the book customers in for dinner with you
  39. Arrange a staff meeting and get their feedback and ideas
  40. Produce a list of local hotels and B&Bs and put in bar and on website/social media .. ensure they reciprocate
  41. Use a chatbot on Facebook .. you could be the firs tin your area to do so and that will give you a good PR story
  42. Contact me for any help you need   StefanDrew(AT)   01404 891920

Clearly a pub and wine bar aren’t quite the same, but these basic marketing ideas will work with both .. perhaps with a bit of modification in some cases. In all cases there are hundreds of other ways to market or promote you pub or wine bar business. 

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