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21 Ways on How to Market a Cafe

How to Market a Cafe Locally 

This also works for Restaurants, Tea Rooms and Coffee Shops


  1. Serve coffee and food people want to come back again for 
  2. Deliver great service every minute
  3. The above ensures repeat business and lots of referrals
  4. Be online with a good website and/or social media
  5. Offer free wifi
  6. Provide newspapers (and crayons and paper if you want to encourage mums and kids)
  7. Regularly add content to your website and social media .. it only takes a moment to add a photo or quote from a grateful customer
  8. Run competitions and theme days, celebrate coffee, milk, and all the other ingredients you serve
  9. Use Google My Business and similar sites to grow your local presence
  10. Encourage customers to mention you on TripAdvisor, Google maps, etc
  11. Run promos to existing and new customers
  12. Go on to the streets and offer free samples to new prospects. Get seen!
  13. Use Customer Comment cards
  14. Capture customer details and send out a low cost newsletter
  15. Consider PPC advertising 
  16. Advertise in community magazines
  17. Network locally
  18. Use a Bluetooth Beacon to promote your presence and offers 
  19. Use PR
  20. Put flyers in non competing locations 
  21. Consider the hundreds of other Free marketing methods you can use
  22. Post your ideas below and share the good news




And there are more free restaurant marketing tips at

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