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Why You Must Break the Rules

Screwfix billboardIn Advertising Secrets: Essential Advertising Tips That Advertising Sales Reps Prefer You NOT To Know, I Proposed Certain Rules.

Now I’m going to tell you to break them. 

Let me explain. When I wrote Advertising Secrets I said you should never start an advert with the name of the business. My logic was that you are selling your offer and not the business.  So the advert might be for “grass reared steaks”.  Anyone thinking about buying steaks or something for dinner will quickly engage with that message.  But they aren’t as likely to engage with Stefan Drew & Sons …. even if I added the word butcher underneath. 


And if people don’t instantly engage they are extremely unlikely to get pass the headline to those juicy steaks.  Of course if you use images of mouthwatering steaks with a small headline that is a good way to overcome the headline issue.  Best of all would be the mouthwatering image with words like “succulent grass reared steaks” as a large headline. You can add the call to action and add the business name later.


But You Must Break Rules Sometimes

The poster image above is an example of where adding the name first is actually preferable. People in construction know Screwfix and it will engage them …especially if the image reinforces this. If you can then just add a few words like Kensington Now Open in very large print you have delivered a powerful message in just FOUR WORDS. 


The Call to Action (CTA) is very simple .. it’s Find us on Kensington High Street. 


As Harry Day once said, 

“Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men”.

I say, some rules need breaking once in a while. 

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