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Are Virtual Restaurants the Next Big Trend?

Are Virtual Restaurants the Next Big Trend – Perhaps Even the Future of the Catering Industry? 

Do you think laterally?  Here’s a restaurant that does .. and their Virtual Restaurant logic could be applied to your business. 

So how does a restaurant think laterally? After all the restaurant concept isn’t new. 

Well this one is a bit different. They cook the food and you eat it at home … but it isn’t a takeaway.

Takeaways have been around for years, as have restaurants.   

But what this restaurant does is cook the food and deliver it to your home. They don’t have any tables in a restaurant.  


So they deliver food … we’ve had pizza delivery for years, this isn’t a new concept.

Well it is actually because what you get here is top end catering. Fine dining quality cooking, delivered to your home.


New Eating and Dining Concept

Go to New York and you’ll find the Ristorante Morini in New York City. It’s a brick and mortar place and one of a 15 strong chain run by CEO and co-owner Ahmass Farrakhan and chef/co-owner Michael White.


They wanted to expand and came up with Pasta On Demand. POD is an exclusive UberEATS and Altamarea Group project, It started out of the kitchen of Ristorante Morini but has now moved to a purpose built kitchen complex.  And unlike the pizza delivery places you’ll already know, where they have their own delivery staff on mopeds, POD is run in partnership with Uber Eats. 

Rather than try to split focus between cooking and delivery Fakahany believes in focusing on cooking with partner UberEats doing the delivery .. that’s innovative and the applications of an advanced thinking strategy. Brilliant.


Advanced Thinking Strategies and Your Business

What could you do that is different to the competition? Something that breaks the mould and give you a competitive advantage? 


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