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If You Want Customers: Answer Your Phone

Answer your phone if you want businessThis is one of my simplest marketing tips ever

If you really value your customers .. answer your phone when they ring.  Or answer their emails .. or whatever is the form of communications you prompt them to make. 

Don’t leave your desk without putting an answerphone or divert on the system. 

Don’t start off with a message about, “unexpectedly high call volumes?”  You know your business, you know when to expect higher call volumes … so staff accordingly or ask them to leave a message. Don’t leave them hanging on. 

And don’t push them from ads to webpages that don’t exist. 


I told you it was simple.  

Customers want good customer service.  So, as an absolute minimum, you should meet their expectations.

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2 Replies to “If You Want Customers: Answer Your Phone”

  • Answering the phone and the email is essential to keep a profitable relationship or start a new one. Increasingly we see communications just dying on the wind. All too often if the recipient thinks it might be a difficult conversation they just don’t answer.
    That is the very time you need to answer, be honest and be prepared to make an offer ( of the kind they really can’t refuse) .It might cost you a few £s but it might gain you a great deal of profit over the coming years.

  • Too true Mike.

    And we have to remember that in the majority of cases people buy from people and not from websites, apps or social media (except sites like Amazon etc which are the exception and not the rule)

    To get them to buy from people we need to ensure the call to action on the website is answered. So if we encourage them to phone or email we must answer asap. I’m currently working with a large client where we are project managing the building a new responsive website, but our first step was a to improve the old website with a telephone number that is easier to find and a chatline that is answered during office hours (and has a knowledge bank that answers outside of these hours).

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