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What is the Cost Of Not Maintaining a Website?

Keeping A Website Up To Date Can Be a Bit of a Chore for Some People 

But it is very necessary. 


In this post I’m going to consider two aspects of keeping up to date – Content and Technology



If you have a price list on your website that is way out of date don’t expect much business. In fact, expect anyone that visits your site to jump ship very quickly. I wrote a post on Why Websites Often Fail  last year and it focused on a case study where old price lists were featured on a website. The old price list is still on the site I mentioned in that previous post.  It is now several years out of date.   

But is isn’t just price lists. The News sections of many sites are out of date (I’m sometimes guilty of this myself) as is new content.  If your site has had no new content for a considerable time visitors might be forgiven for thinking you have ceased busienss or don’t care.  Both are bad for business. 



Keeping plugins up to date is vital.  Likewise WordPress themes.  If they get out of date it is much easier for people to hack your site.  

So keep them up to date.

The good news is that it isn’t difficult or time consuming. On platforms like WordPress all you need to do is log in and click onto any areas that need refreshing or updating. It takes just a few seconds. 

If you don’t then thieves can hack your site and steal data or corrupt your site.  


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