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Life is Short: Do Things That Matter. Think 96:4 !

Life is Far Too Short to Waste It on Trivia

So we need to make use of every minute.  

But I see so many people wasting time.  They spend hours in meetings that could be dealt with by email and spend less time with friends and family (spending time with friends and family is rarely wasted).

They design complex business and marketing systems that eat into the hours they have.  And lets face it we all have an allotted number of hours in our life and once they are gone .. so are we! 

They try to sell products and services for which there is no need.


Think 80:20

Sort out which actions you take each day really make a difference.  Think about the actions that contribute to your goals and delete all the others.  We all know that roughly 20% of our time brings in 80% of our income.  So focus more on the 20% and only do useful and profitable things.  

Now you have 80:20 working to your advantage.

So now take the 20% and further refine those.   Out of them you’ll find the 20% (of your original 20%) that make most difference. Now you are working with the 4% of actions that really make a difference.  I.e. 96:4 

Can you clone or replicate these really successful actions?  

Can you outsource some of them and put your business on autopilot?

Can you automate some of them and release more time? 

No one gets paid to work hard… we only get paid to produce results. 

So focus on what gets results in your daily life. 

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2 Replies to “Life is Short: Do Things That Matter. Think 96:4 !”

  • “They design complex business and marketing systems that eat into the hours they have”
    I could not agree more. I have just replaced our central heating system, a matter of necessity and not desire. It has been a big contrast and eye-opener over many of my business contracts.
    We chose a Gas Safe firm who were long standing locally and who did not flood us with reams of paperwork and ‘white papers’ and meaningless waffle. The building is 350 years old and does not lend itself to being planned out of existence.
    Job done well and a perfectly working heating system installed in 5 days. A lot of discussions and arm waving took place and a few ‘alterations’ were made as it progressed but experience triumphed over ‘The Book’ and the results show.
    At the same time I was going to have a big failed sealed unit replaced. Called a firm that advertises every week in the local press. After 5 minutes of questions, many of which I felt were irrelevant, I had still not been asked or given any opportunity to say what my problem was. I hung up and will not call them again

    The ‘job’ is what the customer wants not what your paperwork system demands

  • An excellent example Mike.
    I’ve just written an article for the mainstream media on a similar situation where an online application form required a landline AND a mobile phone number. Without both of these it was impossible to submit the application form and an analysis of their google analytics showed that a significant number of people were abandoning the form at this stage.

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