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Will Your New Product or Service Sell?

Will Your New Product or Service Sell?I Know People That Have Agonised Over Launching a Business For Years


They aren’t sure if their new service or product will sell or not.  

They ask me for my opinion.  They ask their friends for their opinion.  They ask their families what they think. 


What they don’t do is ask their prospective customers. 

And they should because …….


The Best Way To Find Out If Your Product Will Sell Is To Try To Sell It. 

And you don’t need to leave your present employment or close your present business to discover the answer. You can do it part time in most cases. 

Try selling a product online, at a market or wherever before spending a fortune on new premises and equipment.

Whatever the product or service there is usually a way that you can test market it with real customers.


For example you might think that a Tibetan restaurant is a good idea .. but can’t quite make up your mind.   Rather than equip new premises why not hire the equipment and try a pop up Tibetan restaurant first.  Then you would know if it was a good idea or not.  

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