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Are You Really Good at Social Media?

Last Week Three New Clients Claimed to be Brilliant at Social MediaSocial Media Fails Most of The Time


They were investing a lot of resources into social media .. and unknowingly, were totally failing.

I knew because I checked their Google Analytics and saw the results in the images on this page.

The first site I checked had nearly 300,000 page views with just 1.33% of traffic coming from social media.


Social Media Fails Most of The Time 1The second site was smaller with just 80,000 page views and 1.54% of them coming from social media.








Social Media Fails Most of The Time 1The third site was even smaller with 10,000 page views and just 0.49% of traffic from social media.



The Real Social Media Problem

But the small amount of social media traffic to these sites wasn’t the real problem.

The real problem was that it wasn’t converting into sales as well as other types of traffic.


I’m well aware that social media can drive large amounts of valuable traffic that can convert into high value sales on a website … but as these sites demonstrate, this often isn’t the case.

And bear in mind the owners of these sites all told me social was working really well for them.

Certainly they were getting shares and followers,  but that isn’t the same as sales. 

Social media is a really good step in the sales process; but don’t confuse activity with sales.


Is Social Media Working For You? 

Have You A Feeling About This Or Have You Checked the Facts?

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2 Replies to “Are You Really Good at Social Media?”

  • Hi Zita

    I think you need to be as good as you can at SEO in any case. The reason that search dominates here could indicate that these sites are not good at referrals or social so search is al that is left. In which case it makes sense to get good at all of them.

    If they get this many visitors from search and aren’t great at it, then think how many more visitors they would get if they were good at writing good content, had a good user experience and did some basic SEO.

    If you want to know more about SEO just put it in the search box at the top of the page .. there are several articles on it here.

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