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Making A Sale: Why Language Matters

Most People Have a Vocabulary of About 20,000 WordsNetworking: Why Language Matters

That is words they understand, even if they don’t use them every day.

We need these words to act as a shorthand to describe and think about all sorts of things.  These words help us to think quickly and not have to use a dozen or more smple words to describe what a single word can describe.

For example, take the word anaesethic.  You know what it means but can you even spell it?  And yes, my American friends don’t spell it this way.  

OK so now explain what anaesethic means in less than a dozen words.  Use words that a ten year old will understand. 

See how hard it is to be concise even when you know what it means. You have to take time to choose your words carefully.  But once you know what a word  means you don’t have this problem any more.

So to be good at thinking we need to know as many words as possible.  This is certainly true in our field of expertise.   So IT people understand words like parse.

Could you explain parse?


Multi Use Words Lead to Complexity 

It get more complicated when we use words like transmit. Try to define or explain this simple word. Now compare it to the definaition that your friends come up with.  

They might all have different definitions.  For example a medical person will define it differently to a broadcaster or geneticist. And a banker will use the word transmit to mean something different to any of them. 


Language Can Cause Sales Problems   

When we try to sell a product we often fail to communicate effectively with our buyers. We use words that mean one thing to us and something totally different to them.  

So are you using simple or complex words in your sales literature, on your website or when talking to prospective buyers?

Do they have you level of understanding?  

Is your language appropriate? 

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One Reply to “Making A Sale: Why Language Matters”

  • In my experience, of listening to sales patter, and I have for over 50 years, there is a huge force somewhere that compels sales people to use long words, wrongs words, inappropriate words in every occasion.
    It can only be to build up their own status in the conversation by making themselves appear to be ‘cleverer’ than they actually are. That route is a path to disaster and will, generally lead to them appearing pretentious
    The Muppets “Pretentious Moi! . ”
    Obama “The apotheosis of anyone is almost always false, and the apotheosis of a pretentious pol is also wicked”.
    Cairo 2013? For pol we can substitute Sales Executive in almost every instance.
    I had a classic one just last week A very well known person in the arts world did a memo to the effect that they are shortly to appear in Saint Albans.. Ordnance Survey, and the local council, call it St Albans

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