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Are Apps Necessary Or A Marketing Distraction?

Is a marketing app a good idea for your businessWhy Do You Need An App?Is a marketing app a good idea for your business

I often hear people say they need an app. But when I ask them why they are a bit vague.  

I get answers like: –

Everyone uses apps these days.

I attended a conference and the speaker said it was essential

A sales person proved how effective apps were for their clients

Oh .. and a load of other reasons are given.


The Truth About Apps 


Apps work really well for some businesses.  

For example I have quite a number of apps on my iPhone.  Things like a weather app, apps for Amazon, TripAdvisor, my bank, Twitter, LinkedIn and a lot more. 

But I’m guessing that most of the people reading this post don’t have a business similar to any of these.  Most businesses are much smaller.  

There are exceptions of course.  For example my doctors surgery has an app and I use it from time to time.  It allows me to book an appointment or get a repeat prescription and saves both me, and the surgery, a lot of time.


So provided you have a specific purpose then an app can work for you. 

But far too many businesses cannot cannot define the reason they want an app and that means an app will NOT work for them. 


Another Major Problem With Marketing Apps

The major problem with an app is that you need to market it and get someone to download it before they can use it. And while you are marketing the app you aren’t marketing your business.  

So by focusing on an app you can actually lose sales! 


So think carefully before you decide to use an app to market your business.

First define why you need it; get a very specific purpose. Don’t just use an app because other people use them.

Then look at all the options and don’t just settle for the first quote you get.  Your app designer needs to understand marketing as much as app design and the price needs to be sensible.

I don’t mean cheap;  I mean sensibly priced.  Let me give you an example from a slightly different part of the marketing world.  I recently got quotes for a client.  they needed someone to undertake their Facebook Advertising and it was more than I wanted to take on at that time. The quotes received ranged from £800 to £100,000.  They all had the same specification to quote against and my ball park expectation in this specific case was £3000.  But the range of prices quoted was not sensible.

It is the same in the app world.  People quote stupid figures.  Cheap is always nasty; but expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better than what those quoting sensible prices will deliver.

So think carefully before you decide to use an app to market your business.

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