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Email Is No Better Than Social Media BUT Articles Deliver

With so much rubbish being sent via email I have come

There is so much Spam Email

 to regard email as the equivalent of the worse of social media.

There are, of course, a few gems among a pile of rubbish I don’t need to read. And fortunately most good email systems filter out spam. But that isn’t what I mean.


My problem is the rubbish that is sent from the non spam sources. For example you ask for a white paper, you receive it and it’s great. So why does the sender then think it OK to send low quality “salesey” rubbish every single day after that?

Good quality emails are a joy to receive but when I request a white paper, make an enquiry of a business or just visit a website I do not grant anyone permission to then plague me with fourth rate emails.

Learning From Poor Practice

The great thing about being annoyed by receiving rubbish in emails is that you can firstly unsubscribe from these emails or block the sender AND you can learn a valuable lesson.

You can learn the folly of abusing your prospects and clients by sending them rubbish.

Of course every audience is different.  What one regards as rubbish another will regard as valuable.  So the judgement must come from your audience.  

The trick is to keep the type of content and tone consistent.  Watch for any emails that evoke positive or negative responses.  The really negative ones will have high levels of unsubscribes and the positive ones will see shares, email messages and phone calls to your office and perhaps even contract offers.

The same applies if you write a column for a website or newspaper.  Each month I review my column in FE News.  I know from the editor that a good response, in terms of social media shares, is 40 plus shares in total. The worse response I’ve ever seen is an article that had no shares after several months.  The best has had over 100 shares (this is exceptional as the average is around 40 shares).  I’m always delighted with 50+ shares and know I’ve hit a nerve with those articles.  A few articles have gone over 75 shares and have really worked well.  

But although shares are great the real measure are contracts that have resulted from the articles.  I recently picked up a five figure contract on the back of a single article and looking back at the last four contracts in this sector all have mentioned, without being prompted, my articles at some stage during the duration of the contract.


The Profit is in the List

You might have heard this quote before.  A lot of my internet marketing friends often quote it. But my lists are quite small and my social media following is nothing to write home about.  But I still make a good living.


Well, in my case, the profit is in the readership.  I don’t “own” the list of readers of the website that sends me a lot of work.  But I have access to them every month with a regular column.  It takes me no effort to maintain the email list of readers but it is still my best “list” when it comes to the ROI on the time, effort and money I put into the articles.    Better still, unlike the intrusive rubbish emails and social media I get sent, it is non-intrusive and people read my byline simply because I have something to say they want to hear.

So, think about the messages you are sending out.  Consider the medium through which you communicate and think about any improvements you might be able to make. 

 This is the type of Advanced Thinking that makes for effective marketing and Creates Business Growth 




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