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Good or Bad Customer Care; It’s Your Choice … and Future

Good Customer Care is Vital and Will Be Shared Banking the money but not the customer serviceWith Many People.  Bad Customer Care is Toxic and Is Shared with Millions


Picture the situation where a loyal customer, with just weeks to live, contacts you and says they need to make some changes to their business arrangement with you.

Do you…..

a) Send them a letter, with an out of date phone number on it, that meant their only option was to go into a branch


b) Offer to visit them at home, even though this isn’t standard service, and do everything you can to help them?


The Customer Focused Answer

Congratulations if you said “B”, you are compassionate and care about your customers.

If you answered “A” yours could be the bank that my friend Mike Seddon was loyal to.

If you read my blog last week you will have heard about Mike. Mike is a personal friend, fellow masterminder and Internet marketing guru.  Mike has terminal cancer and only a few weeks to live. 


What About the Uncaring  Financial Institution?

Mike wanted to add his wife, Barbara, as a signatory to an account.  He had a letter back, with an out of date phone number on it, leaving him with no option but to go into a branch.

Mike can barely walk and this bank gave no option to a dying man but to go into a branch.  

Well to cut a long story short, Mike explained the situation on Facebook and thousands of people now know the name of the bank he’s calling uncaring bastards.

Of course had they gone out of their way to help him.  If they had gone that extra mile.  Then thousands of people would have praised them.


Customer Care is a Marketing Essential. 

Sadly this bank don’t understand this small marketing fact.


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