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How To Use a Book To Win Clients & Leverage Sales

How to win  more clientsWriting a Book Is the Start of The Winning Clients Process

As you probably know I’ve written several books. Most have been bestsellers.  You might think that is the end of the process in building authority and winning clients.  But it isn’t.

Publishing a book is just the start of the process.  Getting best seller status is the next step .. but then the fun really begins.

You see being a best seller is not extraordinary these days.  As someone that has been a best seller in many countries I have to say it is relatively easy.  The real trick of making a book work for you and your business is what you do next. 


Since my last book hit the top seller list I’ve been using it to win new clients.  The system I have perfected is working.  I’m sure there are ways I can improve on it and I’m working on new ways all the time.  But for now I have a system that is winning me new clients.

Ian Brodie is a contributor to my last book, Creating Busienss Growth, and wanted to know more about what I was doing with it to win clients.   

So a few weeks ago Ian and I got together and recorded a short audio.  In it we discuss the ways in which books can e used to win clients.  If you don’t have a book, don’t worry.  The principle works with anything of value you can send a potential client.

To learn more download the audio below.

And if you want a copy of the book go to Amazon to get a copy .. the Kindle version is priced at at a reassuringly low figure simply because I want you to read it.



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