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Sandwich Boards Can Sell Sandwiches & Your Products or Services

Traditional Marketing Is Often BestSubway sells sandwiches with sandwich board marketing. It is a traditional marketing method that still works.

I love digital marketing, it can be so quick, effective and low cost. But we should never forget traditional marketing.

Some of my best results have come from letters, media releases, public speaking, and face to face meetings.

Here’s another example. The company is Subway … not a small business by any means.   But they use traditional marketing for  a simple reason.  It works for them.

The person using the sandwich board changes but this sandwich board promoting sandwiches remains the same.

The result?   Subway sells more sandwiches.


So what can you do that is traditional but effective? 

Stop for a moment.  Maybe leave the office and go for a coffee.  Look around you and see what other people are doing. 

Don’t just slavishly follow them.  Think it through and apply some logic to it.

Don’t just follow the advice of sales people either .. especially when they tell you all your competitors are doing whatever they are selling.  The competitors probably have no more idea than you and fell for some sales patter.

Apply logic.  Trial ideas. Find what works for you. 



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2 Replies to “Sandwich Boards Can Sell Sandwiches & Your Products or Services”

  • Traditional marketing should never die! Well made and well designed signs, banners et al will continue bringing in customers in a way that digital marketing never could! Traditional signs will bring in the spur of the moment purchasers that digital marketing can not really grab.

    I make signs for a living and I take it very seriously – I know that if I do my best work; I will make my client money through new business. I really love seeing my work in towns and knowing I’m helping businesses grow.

  • Agreed Matthew. Traditional marketing is unlikely to ever die.

    There was a massive move towards digital but I’m now seeing the blending of traditional and digital campaigns much more than ever before.

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