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Indian Chefs Layer Flavours into Dishes & My Marketing Secret Sauce

Indian food layers flavours into dishes .. it's their Secret Sauce 


Why are Indian Restaurants So Popular and What Has It To Do With Marketing?


Indian Cooking is very popular because Indian Chefs have a Secret Sauce …. or at least a secret formula that delivers layers of distinct flavours every time.    We Brits love it.  That’s Why Tandoori Chicken is the nation’s favourite food.



Whereas many western dishes, including many of our traditional British favourites have flavours that blend together typical Indian dishes use flavours that don’t blend.  So when we eat western foods we get a beautiful blending of flavours in our mouth.  But when we eat Indian food we get flavours that hit us one after another.  So, depending on the dish, you might taste some meat, then maybe some acidity from yoghurt and tartness from something like tamarind; this might be followed by some ginger and/or garlic and, perhaps, finally we get a chilli hit.  Mixed amongst this will be a whole blend of spices like Garam Masala or other distinct spices like cardamon.    

These layers of differing flavours are what make Indian and some other Asian foods so distinctive and enjoyable.  It is the “Secret Sauce” employed by Indian chefs.

Marketing’s Secret Sauce


In marketing a business we also need to think about layering our ingredients. 

It isn’t much good if we we do just blends in with everyone else and we appear indistinct from our competitors.

Likewise we need to hit our prospects with a series of marketing tactics.  So, perhaps,  they need to see our name at the foot of an article in a magazine or website.   Then they need to see us on the social media they use.  And when they make a search online they need to find our website for their searches.   And if they go to YouTube they find our videos. 

For each of us they mix of places they see us there will be a different mix of media and platforms that work best for our customers and hence our business.  But the common factor is we will have a recipe that allows us to layer a series of tactics (flavours) that will  have our customers wanting more. 

So our Secret Sauce has to be a multi-layered marketing plan.

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