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Why Websites Often Fail: Some People Don’t Understand This

Some Business Owners Don’t Get It! 

Some Business Owners Don’t Understand Websites

In the run up to last Christmas I decided to order some fresh guinea fowls for Christmas lunch (it’s wonderful meat if cooked in a rich South African red wine sauce with grapes and .. sorry I digress).

So I goggled and found some locally.  I found the website of a local farm, followed the link to seasonal offers and was amazed by the value offered. 

Then I phoned them to place my order.  That’s when reality sank in.


The price I was quoted was way out from the website .. then I saw that the seasonal offer was five years old.   The person on the phone apologised and said they’d been really busy and not had time to change the website (in five years?).  

Sadly their prices were so much higher than what I was expecting I decided to “think about it” .. and we all know that people that think about it never come back. 

The really sad thing is that it is now late February and the 2011 price list is still there and they are never ever likely to see my money.  My guess is that lots of other prospective customers whose business they have lost simply because they haven’t kept their website up to date. 

So their website is failing to do what it was designed to do .. sell. 

I have to confess that my own site needs regular attention and I’m not saying I’ve never made a mistake (I have made plenty).  But this demonstrates how business can be lost if we don’t keep vital data like price lists and telephone numbers up to date.


Confession time; I recently spotted that I hadn’t changed the telephone numbers on all my website pages .. the obvious ones had been done but a few pages also had numbers on them and I had to spend a while updating them as well. 

Don’t be like me (and the above guinea fowl farmer), keep your site and literature up to date.

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One Reply to “Why Websites Often Fail: Some People Don’t Understand This”

  • I do like people who plead guilty at the earliest possible moment it does save an awful lot of wasted effort
    I was once working, many year ago, on a classified military project. It was not going well and there was a meeting, isn’t there always?, and everyone who was anyone turned up all, bar one, with thick folders. The one who didn’t was my boss, the project leader. He simply stood up and stated we were in serious problems outlined what had happened and the ways we could all get out of it and sat down. The Chairman of the company, who chaired the meeting because that is what they did, gave a quick summary of the issues, said that he had been given a clear unequivocal statement of the problem, and the manager appeared to know what the answer was and was instructed to go away and sort it.
    Collapse of many stout parties and the project was finished on-time on-budget.

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