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Track Your Advertising Spend by Gender, Age & Sales

Gone are the days of putting adverts in papers and magazines and not being really sure if they worked every time.

FB video response rate by nation, gender for over 21 based on a lookalike group of previous buyers.
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Today your customers spend more time online than reading papers so it makes sense to advertise online.  And the great thing is you can now track each advert and know if people have responded to it.  

Even better it is possible to identify the age and gender of the potential customer … and even their geographic location.  And on top of this you can even see which ones viewed your advert and then bought your product or downloaded your pdf or whatever. 

Best of all the costs are incredibly low.

The above image (click to enlarge) are the results of a video ad I ran on Facebook for a client.  Ive aimed at a geographic location, divided the audience in to ten year age groups and then repeated all this by gender.

So I can tell that that teenage females in a particular town responded to my advert at a given rate and bought online … or how many females in their 50s viewed but didn’t buy.


Then I can aim my adverts where the ROI is best and become very very effective at advertising. 

Only Target Previous Buyers  … or People Like Them


FB video response rate by nation, gender for over 21 based on a lookalike group of previous buyers.
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The results opposite show what happens when I use Facebook videos to target previous customers.  Between 40-50% are responding to my video ad and the cost is only 2 pence per video view.

My next move is to advertise to people that have the same characteristics and buying habits of my existing customers.  Simply by using the email addresses of my current clients I can now target people that are more likely to respond than if I advertised to the general population.  In this case I’m targeting UK business people aged over 21; but I could choose a similar target audience in any country or by gender, interests, age group .. or combination of these. 

Today targeting your advertising can be very precise.  

Why not consider targeting your prospects or customers with video or plain text ads?  I do this every day and it works incredibly well.     


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