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How To Get a Number One Best Seller in Under Seven Hours

Amazon bestseller status .. the evidenceI Love The Rapidity Of Highly Effective Marketing


Yesterday my new book, Creating Business Growth, was promoted for the first time on Amazon.


In six and a half hours it had made it to the top of the bestseller list on 


Amazon bestsellerA few minutes later it did the same on the site, as the Americans
downloaded it in their thousands.

Since then it has made it to the number one spot in no fewer than six other countries. 



My Secret Marketing Sauce

Take more than 20 very talented marketing excperts and encourage them to write a chapter each.   Add a project plan, some very low cost marketing tactics, timing and lots of prospective buyers that want to start the year by growing their businesses.


Oh, and lots of real hard work and sweat and tears.  No one said marketing was acheieved by not making some effort. But this book shows where to put the effort and how to leverage effect from the smallest marketing fulcrums. 


If you’d like a free copy of Creating Business Growth click on the link below (free until January 5th 2015).

If you are interested inpublishing your own best seller please contact me by email or phone.



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