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How Quickly Can A New Page Appear in the Google Search Results

cherry-pickers-powered-access-booms-scissor-lifts-coventry“It Takes Years, or an SEO Expert Working Day & Night,  for a Page to Appear on Page One of Google”

That’s what the SEO experts tell me.   

James has been asking about how to get on Page One Of Google and I’ve been explaining how to do this seemingly impossible task. 

So I set about designing a simple webpage, with a very simple search phrase, that could compete for a Page One ranking on Google.

To make it harder for myself I decided to go for the number one spot .. no point in taking on half a challenge.  


The keywords I decided on were “Cherry picker hire in Dunkeswell”.  My rationale was that I live in Dunkeswell and need to hire a cherry picker to access the thatched roof on my house later this year.

My first step was to design the page at

The second step was to publish the page.

The third step was to search for the page on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

An hour later, on searching for “Cherry picker hire in Dunkeswell”,  there was no sign of it on Bing. But several years hadn’t passed and I’m no SEO whizz kid.


But that wasn’t a problem as it worked where it mattered most. After only a few minutes the post had appeared on Google!

Better still it had achieved position number one in the organic results on both.  Even better I had two pages that had obtained page one status. See the ones ringed in red.  Those above are paid adverts or sponsored links.   



It is possible to get the number one spot on Page One of Google in minutes and on other search engines in a few hours .. not years.   


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