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Hard Copy or Paperback .. We Have Both

Creating business growthDo you prefer hard copy books to ebooks?


It seems some people do.  Emma emailed me to say she loved my new ebook, Creating Business Growth, but she’d like a copy where she could scribble notes in the margin (I know people are either for or against scribbling in books; but it is a free world and I’m happy for people to scribble their thoughts in any book they’ve bought from me!)

Vani wrote with a similar request, “Can I get a paperback of this book?”

 So we’ve bowed to popular demand.  The paperback version of Creating Business Growth is now available in Europe and the US.


How Much?

With over 450 pages …. and weighing in at 1lb. 9oz (730g) … this is no light weight read.

Readers comments on Amazon include: –

A pocket encyclopaedia of marketing

Lots of Actionable Marketing Content Without All The Filler…

A valuable digital desk reference for the modern entrepreneur

Today’s thought leaders share their insights

This book will inspire even big businessmen!


So now there are two options if you want to Create Business Growth

 The ebook at




or the paperback version at




 As for price.  Well the recommended retail price of the paperback reflects the value this book provides.  But at the time of writing Amazon have reduced it from £39.81 to £12.86 in the UK ……and $59.83 to £10.86 in the US.  


That’s a whooping 60-80-% reduction depending on where you live.

It seems that once Amazon get a book they decide on the price irrespective of the authors’ wishes .. so this isn’t hype or a marketing sleight of hand by the authors (I’m actually quite annoyed but powerless in this situation – once someone buys your product you expect them to sell them at more than what you charged them, but this is clearly a loss leader and they expect huge sales.)

Enjoy Creating Your Business Growth!


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