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When You Try to Write A Message But Have Insufficient Letters It Spells FAILURE


In English we use 26 letters of the alphabet.  If we try to use fewer than 26 our message will be scrambled. 

It is the same with marketing.  There are a minimum number of things you have to do to get a coherent message out there. 

For example it is no good just having a website if you don’t have good content, great SEO and a sprinkling of other marketing tools.

Likewise you could be leveraging video on websites and/or social media sites (you do have video on your LinkedIn profile don’t you?). 

To write good copy you need 26 letters of the alphabet.  To market effectively you need far fewer than 26 tools.  But you do need more than a handful.

For most businesses I would suggest you need a website, email list (CRM maybe), autoresponder and video as starters  .. with more to follow.

But how do you learn enough about these things when also running a business?

Here’s my first bit of advice: Every time you hear an expert talk about something you don’t understand, stop them and ask for it to be explained.

You could try reading Creating Business Growth     OR  …. you could book a strategy session with me in the next few days.  

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