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What Pop Stars Can Teach About Marketing

Rock Like a Marketing Pop StarIn The Digital Age Getting To Number One is As Much About Marketing As Singing Ability.

Bono understand this and returned to the music his fans loved – he rediscovered his niche.

Taylor Swift understands this and empathises with her audience. She has made her fans believe that she is “Just Like One of Them” with great social media positioning and content written for 15 years olds.


Meet the Marketing Pop Stars


Its the same in the marketing world.


Mike Seddon is one of my “pop heros”.  Mike does play guitar but for me it is his status as the author of  bestselling Simply Adwords that makes him a pop star of the marketing world.  In Creating Business Growth: 21 Successful Marketers Reveal Their Top Business Marketing Secrets Mike has contributed a great chapter on Google Adwords: Unlocking the Secrets of Highly Effective Internet Advertising.

In it he reveals six really important things we all need to know when advertising online.  For example did you know that you can schedule ads to appear when you want them to and this can result in huge improvements in sales.  fro example there is little point in pizza places advertising in the morning .. they get much better sales if the advertise evenings when people buy pizza.



Likewise Matthew Kimberley is another one of my marketing pop heros.  Matthew is author of Get A Grip that has sold ten of thousands of copies and has 166 reviews on Amazon.

In Creating Business Growth Matthew has a chapter entitled How to have more frequent, more effective sales conversations.  One tip he gives is that you need to identify the people that want to buy what you have.  Now that may sound basic but so often I see people trying to sell a product or service that no one wants.  It is a bit like on Dragon’s Den when people have a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. 

Then Matthew goes on to explain a whole series of things about sales that can really boost sales .. but only if you apply them to your business.


So if you want advice on Internet advertising or sales then request a free copy of Creating Business Growth now.

It will be free for just five days .. at all other times this will be a paid for publication as both an ebook and paperback.





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