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The Crucial Step for Achieving Business Success

The Crucial Step for Achieving Business Success is The Single Most Important Factor Underpinning the Success of Every Leading Entrepreneur


Is there a single “silver bullet” that can launch you into business success?  It sounds far fetched but it is something that leading entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Alan Sugar possess. But don’t think this silver bullet is expensive.  It costs nothing, in fact you can’t even buy one.

It is Clarity of Purpose. 


Laura pinck chair H&S 2 Dominic Ashley-Timms“What is absolutely true is that the clearer a person is about what they want, the more likely it is that they will get it, write Laura & Dominic Ashley-Timms in the last chapter of Creating Business Growth.


They go on to explain that “Rule number one is to realise that what drives our behaviour is our emotion.”

They also explain how to get clarity of purpose. 

Why did I leave their chapter to last?  Simple, when I read about Frodo in Bnonn Tennent’s chapter it reminded me of the “one ring to bind them all”.  This chapter is the one idea that binds all the other ideas and chapters together. 

To understand how, and how to market like these leading entrepreneurs, you need to read the book.

Just request your free copy below and enjoy a marketing book that “binds them all”.







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