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How to KNOW If Your Marketing Really Is Working

So Many People Aren’t Sure If Their Marketing Really Works


Vernon Riley knows exactly what works. Vernon for several year is my “go to” guy when it comes to knowing what works and what doesn’t.  Vernon is a “reformed” engineer and very precise in all he does. He knows to several decimal places how well each page on a website performs and how to improve the page.  He also knows how to measure things that aren’t on your website. Things like email responses or enquiries and even telephone calls.  He can even record all the likes, Retweets, page views, downloads, email open rates etc for you.  Better than that he is able to automate all this and give you the results on a single dashboard on your PC or mobile.     


Vernon also understands about Bounce rate.

Bounce rate is commonly misunderstood phrase.

 A bounce happens if someone who visits a single web page and exits without going anywhere else on your website. This can be the result of misconfiguration if GA isn’t setup to recognize:

●          Your website has multiple domains.

●          You use a third party shopping cart.


With all the information Vernon gets you can plan effective marketing and not waste time on dross.


It will embarrass him when I say it but Vernon’s talents are pure genius .. totally magic.


With this much expertise to hand I had to get Vernon to write a chapter for Creating Business Growth.


Here is what he says at the outset. “This chapter is in the “what to do” category. It’s all about “how to discover” whether the marketing techniques you pick are working for your business. You can apply this information to each and every lead generation technique in this ebook. As well all the other marketing techniques that you may have tried or try in the future. It will also give you feedback on whether your “approach” is working for your business.”

Now if you could discover how he does this you’d be mad not to read his chapter .. wouldn’t you?


Using Free Marekting to create business growth

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