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Do You Use Pen & Paper to Make Notes or a Laptop?

Donnie Bryant

I spotted a post on Facebook that Donnie Bryant @DonnieBryant liked and had to smile.

It was about some research into students making lecture notes on a laptop or with pen and paper.  It seems learning is more effective when pen and paper is used.  It is apparently especiallytrue when it comes to the understanding of concepts.

This seems contrary to living in a digital age. 

What got me smiling was that Donnie and I mastermind together.  The group is international and mainly virtual … everyone in it is an online marketer ….. and they use paper. 


When the group last physically met in the UK I looked around this group of savvy marketers, that included some of the best online marketers I’ve ever met, and they were all using pen and paper to take notes.  No one used a laptop or iPad to take notes.

So maybe the reason they are such good online marketers is because they use pen and paper for essentials? 

It makes you think?


Anyway back to Donnie Bryant.

Donnie also uses pen and paper and is one of those people that sees things with great clarity.  It is one of the reasons I asked him to contribute a chapter to Creating Business Growth.

His chapter is about “Why problems are good news”.

I’m not going to reveal all the answers here, as I’m limited on space, but part of the answer is because Problems Get Attention & Solving Them Gets Clients.

It makes sense to me and if you read Donnie’s chapter I think it’ll help you get clients.


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