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Are Your Customers Mind Readers?

Do Your Customers Know About All Your Products or Services?

The easiest sale you’ll probably ever make is to an existing customer.  They already know you, , they know your values and they know what you sell.


Or do they?


Can you honestly say all your customers have a good idea of all the services or products you sell?  If they do then you are truly exceptional, because customers not knowing anything about what you offer beyond what they recently bought is very common.  In fact it is the norm.

Cross selling is the term we normally use to describe selling additional products or services to existing customers and it is quite easy provided they have a good idea about your product range.  But most usually they don’t and it is quite common to discover a customer has been looking for a supplier of something you already offer. 

The thing is customers aren’t mind readers.


So it doesn’t need any great marketing acumen to tell your customers what you offer.  You might email them from time to time, send a leaflet/eleaflet or even send them a letter.  You could even talk to them the next time they are buying …. marketing can be that simple.

An Example

Let me give you an example.  For years I’ve gone to the same accountant.  He is very good and saves me money.  But a few weeks ago he launched a new app and I’m now getting updates from him on a regular basis.  I’ve suddenly discovered he offers services I didn’t know about and I recently recommended him to a friend on the strength of this.

And did you know that as well as sending out free marketing tips and advice my team and I also offer a PPC service, animated video production, marketing appraisals and strategy sessions?  I thought I’d mention it as I shouldn’t expect you to be a mindreader.

Contact me if you need any help.


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