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Avoid Failure by Cutting Out Unnecessary Procedures & Steps

The best systems comprise very few "moving parts" and work perfectly.  The more complex any system becomes the more likely it is to go wrong. 


Tom's Story Of Marketing Perfection

Tom had a new website built.  It was good.  In fact it was much better than the one it was going to replace.  But Tom didn't want good.  Tom wanted perfection. 

So Tom had the designer tweak a few things, then a few more things and the website became supercharged.  They turned it on .. and deleted  the old site .. and it worked perfectly for ten days. 

Then steam started to come out of the system.  They hadn't realised that to make it work they needed a few other gizmos to work much harder .. and these gizmos were out of warranty and creaking.  Then the gizmos fell over and the system died.

Unfortunately it wasn't easy to turn the clock back and it took over a month to get the site working properly again.  In that time Tom lost a lot of orders.  It was 2008 and the recession started to bite.


Tom still thinks about what his business would have been like if he hadn't tried to perfect what already worked well.  But of course he doesn't have a business now.



In my RATES Marketing Strategy I teach people to Simplify their marketing and business systems.  If you want to learn more about how making thing simpler can save you money and protect your business contact me now

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