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Is Apple Really Cool? Here’s What I Told The Scotsman.

Is Apple cool?Is Apple Cooler Than Stella McCartney?

Stephen McGinty, Features Writer on The Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday phoned me recentlyy.  He wanted to know if I thought Apple was a cool brand and he has noe published my thoughts in the Scotsman .
You see CoolBrands had just announced their 2014-15 CoolBrands Top 20 and Apple came out number one.
Well, I have to confess I don’t think Apple should be number one.  Sure, they area good brand .. but number one?  Not for me.   I think YouTube are a much better brand, far cooler in my book.  My thoughts about Apple don’t put me in the minority as the BBC News points out.  
And it isn’t just people in the UK that are having problems with Apple.  A Reuters/IPSOS report on a poll carried out in the US claims Apple is losing it’s cool
Why? Well Apple were a groundbreaking brand that brought great innovation into the market place but I think they have lost their edge as evidenced by the latest Ios upgrade problems.  And in recent years I’m not convinced that they are innovating to the same degree as previously.  Whereas YouTube go from strength to strength.
The way the web is going is for it to become a multimedia platform.  That means more video, moving images etc …  and fewer pages of interminable copy. What people now respond to is a combination of copy and video.  With YouTube innovating with keywords and really useful tools like like image stabilisation … where camera shake in videos is a thing of the past …. I think they outstrip Apple.  I’ll demonstrate image stabilisation  in a future post … and show you s before and after video, with and without stabilisation.

Back to CoolBrands

One thing I did say to Stephen was that cool depended on the perspective of those judging the brand.  In the Coolbrands case the panel consists of 2000 members of the public and a further group of 37 key influencers.  The key influencers this year included the models Sophie Dahl and Jodie Kidd and the fashion designer Julien Macdonald.  Well these are cool people .. and that’s great … but that means they are a selected niche of top names who will make a choice of brands based on their background.  If we took a different cross section of society we’d get another Top20 list.  Neither is right or wrong .. just different.
Which get’s me to the point.  What’s cool depends on who judges it.  I’m into technology and so might be expected to put YouTube higher on the list than Virgin Atlantic where I recently had a really bad expereince of poor quality food on a long haul trip to Johannesburg.  It is all in the eyes of those judging the brands
We have to be careful when reading reports of every kind and need to understand them in context.  

CoolBrands Top 20 … Do You think These are Cool Brands?

Here are the 2014/15 CoolBrands Top 20
Apple, Aston Martin,Nike, Chanel,Glastonbury,Google, YouTube,Dom Perignon, Rolex, Netflix, Bang & Olufsen, Ray-Ban, Alexander McQueen, Instagram, Bose, Liberty, Selfridges, Sony, Virgin Atlantic, Stella McCartney,

Could Your Brand Be Cool?

Yes it could.  But as I told Stephen, you can’t just call yourself cool.  Cool is an attribution given by others.

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One Reply to “Is Apple Really Cool? Here’s What I Told The Scotsman.”

  • I am always, but always, reminded of the Hans Christian Andersen:”The Emperor’s New Clothes when ‘cool is mentioned
    Cool is an attitude. Often a view of someone or somebody else. It will have many pressures on it so like the dawn mists it can disappear almost instantly.

    There is no single concept of cool. One of the essential characteristics of cool is its mutability—what is considered cool changes over time and varies among cultures and generations

    Pountain, Dick; Robins, David (2000). Cool Rules: Anatomy of an Attitude.

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