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Marketing Insight: How Printer Overkill Damages Your Business

printer overkillIs the design of your invoices and other stationery annoying your customers?


We live in an environmentally sensitive age. We are asked not to print anything unless it is essential as this saves inks and paper. But sometimes it is necessary to print certain documents, perhaps for legal reasons and perhaps just to make it easier to read and annotate (sadly not everyone of us does this onscreen).


So the design of your potentially printed materials can impact on ink usage and really annoy your customers.  take the image above; it comes from an invoice I was sent by a supplier. It uses white on black and that means takes an inordinate amount of expensive black ink to print.


Given the choice between two, otherwise equal, suppliers this can be the tipping point in deciding which one someone may proceed with.


Is it Marketing?

I know most people would’t classify this as marketing… but it is.  

Marketing is about satisfying customer need and if you upset them, then all that time and expense you have spent on marketing is wasted.


So think through every “touch point” in your customer interface and see if there is any way you can stop annoying customers .. and delight them instead.

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