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Why Do We Buy Cat Food in These Flavours?

Marketing Amazes Me

Or more to the point, human nature amazes me .. and the two are so closely related as to be virtually indistinguishable.


I’ve just fed my cat, Daisy.


She’s one of the family really; or least we treat her that way.  

So do the cat food manufacturers.  They produce cat food in all the flavours we like; Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Salmon.


Or at least the produce cat food in all the flavours that sound great to humans whereas a cat would probably be happy with wild bird and mouse flavoured cat food just like they’d have in the wild.  

The thing is the manufacturers don’t make cat food flavours appealing to cats. They make the flavours that appeal to humans.  


Simple.  Because it is humans that buy cat food.


Cat food flavours and YOUR customers

You might think this is irrelevant to your business; especially if you don’t sell cat food. 

Not true. 

It matters to your business as well.

The reason why is because the cat food manufacturers understand their buyers.  They know that cats don’t buy their food so they package it for humans.  They understand who their customers are.


Do you understand who your customers are?  

For example, who really makes the decisions when a family buys something like a fridge, or a TV, or a car?  It may not be the person you think it is.  It may not be the person that negotiates the deal or even the person that comes into your shop or on to your website.

Today people carry out research online and make decisions based on what they see on your website, review sites and on social media.  So you need to understand that process and who makes the decisions.

To do that you really need to carry out customer profiling and not just look at who comes to the till; simply because the decisions are often made by people that you never see. 

Then you need to appeal to the decision maker or buyer and not the end user.


So, now I’d better go and buy some cat food. What would I like?  


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