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What Do Your Future Customers Think of Email

Let’s take email as an example. I’m told that most teenagers claim they don’t use email nearly as much as social media. Some apparently think email is dying out, some think you can’t get email on a mobile device, some think you only need an email account for work or business. They think it is a “grown up” thing.

Of course that is today and tomorrow may be different. And we shouldn’t necessarily believe what people tell us. We need to test what they say against what they do.

For example I’m told teenagers are leaving Facebook in their thousands. But last month I managed to attract over 10,000 young people to my clients’ websites by using Facebook advertising. So clearly there is evidence to disprove the claim that Facebook is dead.

But, back to email, it is still worth considering the following infographic on Teenagers and Email.

It has been produced by Aweber, they have thousands of customers using their email/autoresponder systems, so have some expertise in this area … and conducted some research to inform this infographic.




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