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Why Marketing Campaigns Often Fail

Sales are rarely planned like this

Don’t let your sales fail for want of planning.

Lots of marketing campaigns fail before they leave the drawing board for a simple reason.  The reason is they are not planned.  Often there is no marketing plan and no planned start and end date, no one has decided on a budget, or even how many units need selling.




For example say a business plans to increase sales and they choose to do this by running a Facebook advertising campaign.  They start advertising and results slowly trickle in.  They get a few sales and bask in the glory of their achievements.

The problem with this approach is that there is no real measure of success. 

I’ve often seen this approach.  No one has actually decided how much sales should go up by, or the date they needed to achieve this by.  No one even worked out how much they could afford to spend on marketing to get the results they needed.

Because of this no one actually pushes the marketing hard and makes decisions based on the results they achieve on a day to day basis.  


For example if you make 50 sales, at a cost of £3.57 per sale, is that good or bad? 

If the target had been 3000 sales this would equate with failure.   And if the sale price of the product is £2.00 you would have spent more on marketing than you took in sales and, again, it would be a failure. 

But if the sale price is £9,000, and the target you set yourself is 45 sales, then this campaign could be counted as a great success.

So, for our campaigns to succeed we need to write down a few targets and measure our weekly outcomes against them.  Do this and you can make decisions based on objectives and facts.   Without it you are doomed to fail more often than you’ll ever succeed.

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