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Is your business a form of gaming in a virtual world?

Doing business in the digital age has changed our selling behaviour.Making money

Generations ago we bartered our goods and services.  A goat was worth 20 goatskins of wine and a bronze torque was worth three goats.  Everyone knew where they stood when doing business.

Making Money, Money, Money. 

Then money was invented and the problems started.


Soon the King was in his counting house counting out his money.  In fact we could all count out our money.  It was money we could see and feel.  It was heavy and difficult to move vast sums without help unless you exchanged it for gemstones like diamonds. 


Banks were created

Eventually banks took our heavy coins and gold and printed paper “promissory” notes.  They promised to exchange them for gold if we ever wanted gold but we learnt to live with paper money.

In recent years money has started to disappear.  We now have plastic.

We have less need for coins as our wealth (or debts) are recorded digitally and we can check our balance on our smart phones.

Was moving to smart phones a smart move?  Now we can’t see or feel our money do we appreciate it so much?

In fact, now that your bank balance is digital isn’t it more like the score on a digital game?  Has the ability to see out money reduced business to a game?


The Game Called Commerce

If business becomes a digital game what effect does that have in the real world?  Does it affect the way you run your business? 

What about your customers?  Is spending now a game they play on smart phones and use plastic to pay for? Does that make selling to them easier or harder?

Do you need new strategies in the digital selling age?  My observation is that the old ways of doing business are largely out of touch with what the modern consumer wants.  They want websites, online shopping, timed delivery slots (Tesco in the UK are now offering one hour delivery slots .. like Ocado have offered for years.  Soon everyone will offer them and Ocado will have to offer 15 minute slots if they want to maintain their edge!) .. people also want more convenience and better customer service. 

In the digital age of games we need to up our offer and play the game by the new rules .. unless of course you offer something where the value lies in the tradition of days of yesteryear. 

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