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Never Rely on One Marketing Channel

You may have noticed I’ve not posted much recently.


There are two reasons for this.  The first is I’ve been flat out on consultancy projects with clients.  The second is that my website host got hit with a denial of service attack.


So my website has been down and even when it was resurrected I wasn’t able to access the server to post more copy.  

But it wasn’t a major problem because I …..


Never put all my eggs in one basket.


For some businesses this could have been a complete disaster.  Say all your business leads come in through your website and suddenly you don’t have a website.  The result could be no customers and very quickly no business.


I’ve planned for this problem for years.  Firstly I  have more than one website; I have dedicated sites for each of my main customer types.  Secondly I don’t rely on just websites and each uses a different hosting company for each of them.   In fact I have over 70 ways in which I market my business and the other 69+ channels have kept going. 


So, concerned as I am that you haven’t been able to access my latest posts, my business will continue without problem. 


My question for you is how resilient is your marketing?  Are you dependant on one, or a handful of channels?  If so, you could be facing disaster and need to act fast to expand yur marketing. 

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