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PORE Marketing Tactics: Being Overwhelmed by Workload & Marketing Complexity

Social media overwhelm .. the world is mobileNo I’ve not spelt POOR incorrectly .. I mean PORE


PORE means Produce Once; Replicate Everywhere


In an age when we are told to promote or business on our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a million other places it is easy to get overwhelmed.

And just as we start to recover from the overwhelm we are told we need to write loads of compelling content.


So how do you write content and promote your business on multiple platforms without overwhelm?




We Produce Once and Replicate Everywhere.


So as an example I’ll produce this post and then replicate it everywhere.  And to make life easy the replication will, in many cases, be automated.  It will only take me moments to post it to multiple other platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus.


Once I’ve finished writing this post I’ll use some of the automated tools, that are built into this blog, to circulate it widely.  By clicking selected boxes on the “compose pane” it will be distributed to Facebook and Twitter as soon as it is published.  This is totally effortless on my part except the need to tick a few boxes.


Once published I can then go to the published page and use the share buttons to post to over 300 places around the web. 


Then of course I can also use hashtags to make my post visible to even more people. 


So this post might be hashtagged #marketing #content #marketingcontent #howto  etc.  The limit of the hashtags I can use is only limited by my imagination and the relevence of the content.  I needn’t post all these hashtags at once.  I could come back and use different hashtags over time. 


I could also update my post some time in the future and recycle it again at that stage .. complete with extra and new information. 


Finally I can post links to related posts on this page and maximise the impact that previous articles and posts enjoy.  You could do this by adding internal links manually or you could use any of the dozens of plugins that exist to do this automatically.


This post is for Rachel and Lisa plus anyone else who is currently considering how to market their business more effectively.

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