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Using Sensory Marketing & Sounds to Market Perfume & other products

Sensory selling using sound, could you sell perfume using sound? So can you sell perfume with sound?

It sounds bizarre doesn’t it; perfume, by its very nature, should be sold by smell, but often it is sold by sound.

Take Christian Dior’s latest perfume promotion for Cherie.  Getting that wonderful fragrance out to millions of women would be really difficult, but Dior have turned the problem on its heads and are enticing the women to go to the fragrance.  

They’ve produced video starring Natalie Portman and added J ‘taime as the sound track.  J’taime was written for Brigitte Bardot when she asked for the most beautiful love song of all time. Later it was sung by the legendary Jane Birkin, and has since been associated with love.  So, link that with a well produced short video and you have a video where the love song and parfum become intertwined in the mind and women seek out the fragrance when next passing the perfume counter.


Interestingly, if you search for the video online it appears on lots of sites but isn’t viewable.  In most cases it is marked private and in at least one case there si a note that talks about copyright infringement.  Is this Dior being naive and preventing others from showing their video fro selfish (commercial) reasons? ..or are they using scarcity to drive demand?


But of course it isn’t just perfume that is sold using sound.


Sound Sells Cars

Car manufacturers use sound .. or the lack of it .. to market their cars. 

In The Oxford Handbook of Sound Studies,  Eefje Cleophas and Karin Bijsterveld
discuss this and much more.  But let me give you some examples I’ve come across myself. 

Ferrari use powerful music interspersed with car sounds (mainly acceleration sounds) in their product videos.  The pace of the music is used to denote speed and technology .. in fact all the Ferarri attributes.  See the Ferrari FF video as an example.

When promoting themselves recently Mercedes Benz came up with the ‘Sound with Power’ multimedia marketing campaign that featured the E 63 AMG. So big brands know the power of sound and use it to advantage.

When it comes to soundproofing cars the manufacturers demonstrate how quiet it is inside their vehicle.  They use video and demonstration to get you to understand how perfect the soundproofing is. 

Modest Sound Plans

Your plans for sound might be a little more modest but you can still use it.  For example if you podcast audio in any way you can add an intro that features sound.  It might be music, or abstract sound, but if you use it often enough people get conditioned to what comes next.    If your podcasts are good then the sound intro gets listeners in the zone for what comes next.

Music Stops Vandalism

Music can be used to create mood and emotion as well as to influence behaviour.  Some town centres with a vandalism problem have used “piped” classical music to drive young people away.  Play it louder where they congregate and off they go .. subtle ehh?

Sound in SuperMarkets, Restaurants and Your Business

Supermarkets will vary music rhythm to encourage us to move quicker or slower depending on the footfall in  the store at given times of day.  Faster music makes us buy what we want and move out of the way.  Slower music makes us slow down and browse for a bargain.  The outcome is they maximise sales at all time.

Clever restaurants use music to create mood.  Those that are not so cleaver paly the same tracks all evening.  The clever ones vary the speed towards the end of the evening to encourage you to stay and eat more desert, take a liquer .. and of course spend more than you would if hurried by the music.

So what could you do to use sound to increase sales and profit.  It might be make a simple video with a sound track, or choose background music better.  Think laterally and see what you come up with.  Then test to to see what happens.


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