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Cut Advertising Costs by Changing Gender!

You may not have noticed but the cost of advertising to men and women is not the same.


I don’t mean in newspapers, magazines or on the cinema screen; I mean where you can really target ads precisely to age groups, location, age, relationships, gender etc.


A Current Facebook Newsfeed Ad Example

Take the Facebook campaign I’m running at present.  The objective is to get them onto a landing page on my website.  I’m running exactly the same advert, with the same image and copy, and the same target criteria in two versions.  The difference between the versions is gender.  


The advert targeting women is getting more than double the number of clicks, in a given time period, than exactly the same advert targeted at men.   Better still, the price cut us roughly cut in half when I target women.


Logic dictates that …..

So you might think that logic dictates I cut my costs and only target women.  

That might be a mistake as the real test is the cost of conversion/acquisition.  If none of the women “buy” then there is no point spending money on any ads .. so don’t judge your spend solely on cost per click. 

But it is interesting to see such a marked difference in the raw data.  It should certainly be enough to get us thinking about how cost effective our marketing campaigns are.   

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