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The most critical square foot of space in your business

You've got about one square foot and 6 seconds .. less on mobile devices …. to convince your prospects to stick around and ultimately give you money.


That's a VERY small amount of space and time … especially considering the stakes.


Most of us don't think too much about this …. we assume that if we're making money, our homepage must be good enough.


But the truth is, because this webpage is so vital, even tiny changes can produce surprising revenue lifts. This is something my colleague, conversion expert Bnonn Tennant, teaches for a living.  (You may have heard me mention Bnonn before, he's from New Zealand and there are two unusual things about him .. his name, and his ability to improve website conversion rates).


This month, he is offering a free "homepage catch up 2014" information package featuring some of his top secrets for understanding your homepage, and improving its effectiveness.


According to Bnonn, most businesses can improve their homepage conversions by 15-25% without even trying. And that's basically because most homepages aren't designed by conversion experts  .. but by web designers think the point of a site is to be pretty rather than to make sales.


In fact, I think Bnonn's 15-25% is quite a conservative estimate. Why?  Because he teaches a high-ticket conversion course where he had one customer increase his conversions by 307% after the first lesson.


Imagine leaving that much money on the table and not even knowing it.


How much is your homepage (or other landing pages) lagging behind and leaking money? There's one easy way to tell …… check out the free cheat-sheet included in Bnonn's Homepage Catchup Info Package:

Go to ….

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