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#BeardedDragon: A Wonderful, Funny Marketing & Video Campaign

Marketing & Innovation often go hand in hand but rarely does it make me laugh as much as the recent BeardedDragon videos.

Last year I was interviewed by the BBC about the demise of Jessops, the camera shop chain, here in the UK.  They had gone into administration and I was aksed what I thought had gone wrong.

Well my answer focused around their apparent inability to react to a changing marketplace .. the world was going digital and they hadn't.

A while later one of my "heros" bought part of the chain and resurrected it … his name is Peter Jones and he is best known for his appearances on Dragons' Den.


Well Peter is using digital and some old fashioned practices like "working incognito on the shopfloor" and has produced a series of very effective videos .. why he hasn't made more of them I don't know because they win prizes in my office.

But let's let Peter explain in the first video.



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