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Encourage a Sensory Marketing (Synaesthetic) Response by Rewarding Your Customers.

Just like Pavlov’s Dogs we can all be Encouraged to Respond to a Given Stimulus.  

If each time someone comes into your shop you reward them with chocolate, they’ll associate coming into your shop with pleasure and come more often.  Some shops, like Waitrose, now reward shoppers with coffee just for visiting their stores.  And don’t think this is new.  A lot of restaurants in Mediterranean countries have always given away a free drink with the bill at the end of every meal.  A bit like the boiled sweets some shops give way .. but far nicer.


Does the idea of training customers to react like Pavlov’s Dog leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Well maybe that is a form of synaesthesia as well; but I bet you always eat the chocolates, or drink the liquor, that comes with your bill.


Why shouldn’t customers be rewarded for being good customers? And if that encourages them back again so be it.  Supermarkets do it of course.  In some form or other they often give discounts off your next shop.  

The thing is to make this work well there needs to be a “pleasure hit” for the customer to remember and want to experience again.  


So what could you train your customers to want to experience time after time?

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