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Anyone Can Now Make a Business Video

That’s right, anyone can now make a business video don’t even need a camera.

I’ve just posted a new video on my website.  It took about an hour to make and I didn’t even need to film or photograph anything. That’s it on the right .. at the top of the page! 


Here is how I did it.  


I wrote my copy and then recorded using Audacity (this is free software that turns your laptop or PC into a recording studio). Then I uploaded teh audio into Camtasia (this is a paid for video editing software system .. but there are free video editing systems if you search for them).  

Then I imported a couple of pictures I already had in my picture files (to cut costs use a mobile phone or even use your PCs/tablets built in camera).  I then edited this together and then uploaded the video to YouTube (again this is free).

In YouTube I did something most people miss.  I optimised my video so it would be more likely to appear in search engine searches.  One way I did this was to upload the transcript of what I said in the audio I made. YouTube then synchronises the audio and captions that show on the bottom third of the video .. this is really cool. As a free marketing tool, I love it.

Finally I uploaded my video to my website .. .. again free marketing with very little effort.  


So after about an hour, I have a new video, hosted on YouTube and displayed on my website, that is beginning to rank on the search engines.


There is nothing here you couldn’t do.  

If you need help or advice get in contact with me.  


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