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Writing the Wrong!

2013-10-08 18.30.34So much written information we are given today is wrong.

For example this sign on a railway station says the 18.20 train is expected at 18.26 and the time is already 18.28. 

It actually arrived much later. 

So why provide customers with the wrong information?

In this case it might be just a few minutes out .. even if it ended being much more.  But these systems are automated and could work far better if only someone cared enough to programme them correctly from the outset.

A few days ago someone also told me they were making a BACS payment to me immediately …. and money would be with me on Friday .. it was Monday when they said this and BACS is much faster than that. So why misinform me?


Customers Get Annoyed

Now you might have noticed I get annoyed at misinformation.

In fact most of us do to a greater or lesser extent.  But businesses keep up the flow of poor information, no information and misinformation.

So that poses a question.  What can we do in our businesses to ensure we don't upset our customers in this way?   

Well, firstly we can look at our processes and how we communicate with customers from a customers point of view.  Of course it is hard to do this and remain objective.  Often what we think is obvious, because we know how it works, will baffle customers.  So using a "mystery shopper" helps a lot.  

For example I've recently mystery shopped a series of events a national organisation were running.  They thought all was going well but customers were getting multiple emails stating the wrong venue.  This didn't happen once .. it happened over several weeks for different events.  (It even continued aftet I sent copies to the CEO .. I later learnt this was because the CEO bounced them on to someone to deal with who was on holiday!)

Worse still the organisation hadn't noticed the negative coverage by disgruntled customers on social media.

Going back to the railway incident above we were getting better information via Twitter than the station's electronic displays. So the company had the correct information but they let their systems send us the wrong information. It was  actually a process error.


So think about your processes.  Think about them as if you were a customer and use a mystery shopper if need be .. .it almost always proves very valuable. 


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