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Worcester Scores 1/10 for Marketing Itself

The thing is marketing needs to be current and changing copy on websites is so fundamental and takes only minutes. Having a great presence on social media is also free and is essential in this situation (but may not be for all small businesses).

 Read on to see what I said on air and reported to local media.

Media Release  

Worcester Scores 1/10 for Marketing Itself

Immediate Release                                   Dec 16th 2013

Could Worcester market itself better the BBC asked Marketing Magician, Stefan Drew, live on air this morning.  Stefan’s answer was that Worcester could do better and only scored 1/10 for their current efforts.

Asked the question “Could Worcester market itself more effectively?” by BBC presenter Elliot Webb. 

Marketing Magician, Stefan Drew, said “I searched online for some marketing last night and was appalled to find the   website, which was funded by the city council and city centre forum, to be promoting Christmas 2012 without a mention of 2013.  The site is still live and has been updated in recent months but is not likely to encourage anyone to visit Worcester.  In fact it is likely  to keep many people driving down the motorway to towns that care more.”  


He continued, “On the   site there is also a current document labelled “marketing plan”.  It has been produced for the BID project but isn’t really a  marketing plan.  It does a decent job of pulling together some basic research and analyses the visitors but it isn’t a detailed marketing and communications plan which is what the website says it is.”


If cold rainy northern towns like Blackpool can market themselves very successfully then so can Worcester but it has to make more effort then promoting last Christmas at the expense of this one!


Worcester has a lot going for it, the cathedral comes out top on TripAdvisor and there are the Royal Worcester and Lea and Perrins connections plus the Civil War and much more .. but Worcester seems to ignore them as well as the use of social media and other low cost and free contemporary marketing methods.




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Stefan Drew trademarked the Marketing Magician after a customer described him to employees as their marketing magician.  His current business was started in 2005 and he has clients in the US, Australia, Europe and the UK. 

Stefan’s focus is on free and low cost marketing that is really effective which is demonstrated by the fact that his last book became a best seller in five countries without any money being spent on marketing.        

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