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Readers Question: How Important is Content Marketing?


Content marketing trends in UK

Enoch Wambua contacted me after watching the Out Of Africa: Business Survival Lessons from Table Mountain post and video.

Enoch asked me about the importance of content marketing ….. he wrote 

“I understand most organization are turning to Content marketing as it’s time organizations treat their content as an asset. The content should be formulated in such a way that it must have an emotional attachment with your business clients…
What’s your take on this hot topic?”

 …..and below is my answer.


I thoroughly agree content is one of today’s marketing essentials.  But then it always has been .. even in the days before the Internet.


The difference today is that our audiences are now time poor and we need to make our content even more obvious.  We also have the opportunity to distribute our content much more widely .. for example the video about Table Mountain was put on my website, is on YouTube, is on several other websites where I write “columns”,  is also being put on LinkedIn and has been broadcast via social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  Even the “newsletter” that went out to my followers was posted on social media   If I wanted to I could also promote the post on social media via advertising.


Post Content in Different Formats

We also have the opportunity to post our content in different formats so that we can attract people with different consumption styles .. so I use web copy, audio and video on a regular basis and use different channels to distribute it ….. e.g. YouTube, iTunes etc.


Create Emotion with Your Content

I also agree that the connection must be emotional and we need to tap into all the emotions.  So for example over the next few weeks I’ll produce several videos that include footage and stills of animals e.g. elephant, cheetah, leopard as people connect to them emotionally. Note I say people as this applies to both business clients and the public at large.


What Content Should You Use in Your Marketing?

This is another question I often get asked.

The answer is very easy.  Think about all the issues that your current customers have and if you have something useful to say about this .. that is your content. 

If you don’t know what challenges your customers and prospects face then ask them.  


Content marketing trends global

There is even the opportunity to project forward trends for your topic which gives you the chance to see how important Google thinks it will be in future.


My view is that people search more and more for information and that good content is the key SEO component and will be for the foreseeable future. 

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