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Priceless Moments .. To Market Your Business

Email or post your answers where ever you see this picture and you could be a winner. I'll choose one at random in the next few days.

PS The concept of using pictures with no copy on the page, where the reader can add captions or speech bubbles is often emailed out on certain days under the title Wordless Wednesday or Speechless Saturday. Sites like Wordless Wednesday will even host a link to your site if you specialise in this type of marketing.  It's become a bit of a movement and I'm going to experiment more with it. 

PPS This is a really simple low cost quick marketing idea that can be used on your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a host of other places .. or even as here, on all of them.  Why not try it yourself?

PPS Daisy is available for film roles in the UK or overseas.  She is unashamedly expensive but you do get quality and a large entourage.

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