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Nelson Mandela’s Vision

Nelson Mandela had a vision.  A vision of a free South Africa where all people are equal.  His vision never wavered as he was tried for treason, eventually jailed on Robben Island for 27 years and refused freedom unless his people were freed from apartheid.   It never wavered throughout his presidency or during his retirement and subsequent ill health. 


His work isn't complete.  His vision isn't totally realised.  South Africa has made great leaps forward but shanty towns still exist (although many now comprise better shacks than previously).  These sort of changes takes decades.  The test of the world is now to ensure his vision is realised and we are all part of that test.  


Nelson Mandela never wavered from his vision through the bad or good times.  For me this is the singular quality that drove all his other qualities …… and demonstrates what could be achieved if we also focused on our vision.


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